I cheated on my boyfriend, This is why – A lady exposed

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“I love my husband.

He’s ideal all around… aside from the one that makes the biggest difference.

He’s about 5 and a half inches… and that’s just not enough to… well, I’ll just say it…

Don’t get me wrong… he tries really hard. He’s great with his fingers and tongue… but it’s just NOT That.

And I spent years trying to ignore it.

HOPED that my craving for being stretched… and filled… and pounded into a pool of pure orgasmic bliss would go away…

But it hasn’t. If anything… it’s gotten stronger.

So… I did the one thing I swore I’d never do…

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I cheated.

I still can’t believe it… I mean, I’m not like that. I was always “the good girl”? Fidelity was always number one…

But there was this guy at work, and well… some of the girls told me he had a can of Arizona iced tea in his pants, if you know what I mean.

He’d been chasing me for years… and for years I politely turned him down.

Finally, my sexual frustration became too much. Since you have no idea who I am, I’ll admit it…

I had to have that cock!

I forgot what it felt like to be dominated… and folded into all these exciting positions… without having to worry about him falling out, readjusting, and falling out again.

I bet I came no less than 7 times that night… as he hit spots I didn’t even know were there!

Now… I’m getting that big dick on the side at least twice a week.

I know it’d kill my husband if he ever found out… but I NEED it. It’s the only way I know to save my marriage.”?

Reader, things like this Occurs every day.

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