Prophet Kofi Oduro sends harsh message to Akufo-Addo (Watch Video)

Prophet Kofi Oduro has cautioned President Akufo-Addo to do the needful before the nation is plunged into a major disaster.

According to the preacher, Akufo-Addo needs to address his arrogance as far as his speeches are concerned and deal with his rising pride.

Speaking and sending a harsh message he had received from God to the president, Prophet Kofi Oduro said until Akufo-Addo reduces his pride, Ghana would not have a remedy for its current problems.

“You have become prouder than the NDC and their Mahama. I stand here with a heavy heart to respectfully say this to you…pride takes everybody down. If you continue to be proud, you will go down without remedy; your government will be the worst in the history of Ghana. “

With inflation necessitated by the continuous depreciation of the Cedi and its attendant hardship on the citizenry being felt in price hikes, Prophet Kofi Oduro believes the time has come for the president to rise to the occasion and deal with the problems thereof.

He urged Akufo-Addo to heed the word of God as relayed to him by reforming his ways, submitting to the leadership of God and attending to the needs of Ghanaians with humility and contrition.

“If not, Ghana is going into destruction. He said, “it is only a fool who thinks we are going in the right direction.

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