Sad: Momo agent jailed for making wrong transfer worth GHS30K [Video]

A lady was jailed for making a wrong transfer as a Mobile Money agent.

According to her, she sent out GH¢30,000 to a customer when she was supposed to send GH3,000.

When she later realized that she had made the wrong transfer, it was too late for the error to be corrected. And as a result, her employer got her arrested.

Due to her inability to refund the money, coupled with her failed attempt to get the customer to reverse the transaction, she was sent to court and jailed.

In a very sad video, the lady who was a popular MomO agent at Afariwa in Tema Golf City sobbed uncontrollably.

She added that her employer was not ready to compromise and that all requests fell on deaf ears. She had to spend two and a half years behind the cold prison walls. She would also have to pay the money if she was eventually released.

It took the benevolence of Crime Check Ghana to get her released after her story was shared.

Watch Full Interview Below…


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