Two young men arrested for posing as police officers in TikTok video

Two people who were seen in a popular video, one of them wearing a black outfit with police insignia, have been detained by the police.

Marcus Dankwah, who was observed wearing the clothing, is currently being held in detention along with his accomplice, Pascal Nelson, and is not a police officer. They were searched, and the clothing was found there.

According to preliminary research, the aforementioned video footage, which was uploaded on multiple social media platforms and came from a TikTok account described as the official page of Vzonetv, was shot on October 18, 2022.

The inquiry also found that the accused are video creators for the internet TV station Vzonetv and social media content suppliers.

We would like to warn the public against actions that tend to harm the reputation of the Ghana Police Service as the investigation continues to determine the source of the clothing and get the suspects ready to face justice.

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