Weed smokers beg Nana Addo following an increase in the price of marijuana

I’m yet to know a single item in the court which has not suffered an increase in price for the past 3 months.

You buy an item Ghc5 today, you go to the same shop to buy the same item the next day and you’re told the price has been increased to Ghc8.

Ghana’s economy is on its knees and might collapse very soon if serious measures are not put in place to solve the ailing economy.

Speaking in an interview with Ghanaweb, a group of weed smokers lamented over how the price of marijuana keeps increasing on a daily basis.

Previously, a roll of weed sol for 5o pesewas in the ghetto but it’s now selling at Ghc2.

One of the addicted weed users who complained to Ghanaweb and gave his name as Shaifa, lamented over how he has to buy 5 rolls of weed which are now ?10.00 and besides that, he has to eat, drink and even take care of his family.

Asked whether the current price hike will deter him from using the herb, Shaifa said he cannot stop using the drug but has to reduce his daily intake in order to match his daily expenditure.

He said;

“Brother, in fact, things are difficult for us nowadays ooo. Now we cannot even buy one roll of ‘wee’ because the price has gone up by 100 per cent. How can common ‘wee’ be that expensive in Ghana at this time when things are difficult.”

“I can’t stop smoking the weed because that keeps me going. It inspires me to work hard as a carpenter and I don’t think the price will deter me from using it but I think it all has to do with the poor economic state of Ghana”.

“We Ghetto guys voted for President Akufo-Addo so we are begging him to solve the economic crises so that the cost of weed can also be favourable to users”

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